About Us

Merchants of Speed is a one-man show. Welcome to my website, my name is Rob McDonald. I created Merchants of Speed because I felt there was a big gap in the market for authentic and period correct merchandise. Many of our designs and merchandise are exact reproductions of the 1960's & 1970s. It's almost like a Time Capsule into the past. Whether you lived it first hand or only read about in magazines my purpose is to bring you back to that time period of your life.

I have been interested in Hot Rods and Drag Racing for 40 years. I am dedicated to provide a great customer experience. I handle every aspect of the business except the actual printing of the apparel & merchandise. For that I have hand picked the best of the best to produce my products. Everything we sell is made right here in the USA. I handle all the marketing, sales, product design, social media, shipping, packaging, shows & events and customer service. So when you are asking a question or inquiring about a product or an order, you are talking directly with the owner. I have been lucky to meet many of my customers at all major events around the country. Detroit Autorama, MACCN in Chicago. Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield. Pate Swap Meet, Carlisle Swap Meets, Dead Man's Curve Wild Weekend & many others. I travel the Country 25-30 times a year and do the best Hot Rod & Nostalgic Drag Racing events I can find. I appreciate your business and if there is anything you need or have a question about, please message me on Facebook or email me.